about me

posted on 08 Nov 2009 21:46 by piecespaul

Hello everybody Welcome to my blog
i'm phon. I'm Lead animator
working in Bangkok
i 've been working on tv series, short animation ,commercial , r&d  

here is my professional experience
-  vfx artist/ animator at ThemonkStudio,2007-2008  doing model ,rigging,animation,lighting,render
- cg supervisor/ animator at ThemonkStudio
2009  doing supervision cg team to deliver work in time and also doing shading ,lighting
,render ,composit

- lead animator  at cuttingedgebkk  doing rigging and animation


the things that i 'm interested to do as  freelance

-setup lighting and rendering pipeline for suitable project.  this mean build up the template for many artist and let them do their job more easy, more direction,more organize      and  easy to view as daily for supervisor division 

-supervision on cgi for full cg  it can be anythings except live action

-supervision on animation  this include which technic that can reach to the point

-look development on shortfilm or personal work.  this focusing on shading lighting rendering

-adviser for full cg job  help and suggest during the project  

Tel. (+66) 83 7506024 
E-mail: pieces_paul@hotmail.com